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Happy Birthday Bez


I was recently invited to spend some time in Google+ HQ to sketch some of the rarer wildlife that can be found occupying the darker corners of server rooms. I suppose you’d imagine the Google+ team would lay rodent traps about the place to deter such riff-raff; but you’d be wrong. And most certainly not the amazingly capable critters you’d find in those parts. I sketched this one especially for birthday boy Dave “Bez” Besbris, who knows a thing or two about CyRREL Sciuridae [Cyber Robotic-Rodentia Enhanced Life-form].


Autumn (mini-series)

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The mind-shattering heat of Australian summers begin to cool at last, the plants begin their preparation for hibernation, and the animals start to get fluffier and cuddlier. Oh, and I get to break out the cumfy clothes and the Big Winter Slippers.


A scribblegraph self portrait

…He spent the next four years in an orphanage and was put to work making sandwiches for all the other children. Mostly he enjoyed inventing sandwiches, but things don’t grow so well in good old Dudinka, because it’s just mind-shatteringlycold. So sandwiches were generally made out of seafood (with a heavy tendency towards narwhal steaks) which suited him just fine.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven

This piece, “Safe Haven”, is just for me – something fun that has been floating about in my head. Or rather: merciless haunting me from the murky depths. Or rather: waiting for me to dip a toe in the water, so that it can devour me whole and digest me like a sarlacc.

mother's hand

Mother’s Hand

“She is Joy & Love I am safe here for always In my mother’s hand.” Mother’s Day 2013 – I’m spending the …

dirk reul bdaycard

Happy Birthday Dirk Reul

Dirk Reul is a debonair man of culture, class and style. His knowledge and skill with all things culinary is astounding, as is his …

My Internet Valentines

Digital Love

The world is a new place; boundaries and distances are nothing to love and friendships. Every day, we meet and laugh with people ten thousand miles away over coffee, and think nothing of it.

lonely cyborg

Dalek Seeks Significant Other

… if your existence began on Skaro, you’d have every reason to be feeling pretty hard done by at this time of year. It would be understandable if you were left feeling somewhat disheartened and perhaps even murderous.

True Love Is Forever

True Love is Forever

At valentines, it is good to know love when you have it; that you are lucky enough to have found someone wonderful, someone you cherish and value immeasurably because of your experiences…

Get Well Yoon-Mi Kim

Get Well Yoon-Mi Kim

Yoon-Mi is feeling unwell,
A pox or the plague, I can’t tell.
The cure (as I figure)
Stay at home with your tigger!
And when you want tea: ring a bell:)

Festive FUGU!

Festive FUGU!

The non-traditional Christmas Sea-Meat Treat. Rich in tetrodotoxin!


The Viking Warrior

I left on a rainy afternoon in a small raft, following the Great Southern Tuna migration through the icy Northern seas. I was hoping to catch something worthy of a great sandwich: Tuna, sweet-corn, mayonnaise and chilli flakes. Accompanied with honey mead, this is a kingly meal; but it does require a kingly tuna to make it.


Beware the Christmas Kraken

Early reports this morning warn of a great beast, risen from the icy depths below the north pole. All mariners are warned to use extreme caution and to load all harpoons in preparation.


Painting the Hoard

When in Zack’s house, you had better come correct. And when it comes to the undead, no one comes more correct than Byron.

crash wallpaper


‘crash’ was one of my first scribbles. It is a self portrait, drawn on terrible paper with a terrible pen

Simon 'Ray' Pam

for Simon ‘Ray’ Pam

Not five minutes ago while enjoying my moonlit repast, I spied two young lovers ‘neath a grove of poplars. They enjoyed the silvery light of the moon together, she reading tomes unknown while he looked to the heavens and named each glorious light for her.